Miss Sabah Malaysia World 2008 Selection

Oops Miss Malaysia Universe 2008 final will be on the 15 of March 2008 and hopefully i will be able to attend the event..Well at least i can go there…take photos and improve my photography skills. So if anyone one of you interested to go for the event you can contact Miss Lenore about the tickets 0128013939.

Another important events will be on 16 March 2008 where selection of Miss Sabah Malaysia World 2008 or also known as Miss Sabah 2008 will be held at Magellan Sutera Harbour Resort beginning 12.30pm. I am not sure yet if i will be able to attend this event as i am currently having something else in my mind.

For those interested to join Miss Sabah 2008, You may call Gerard Kuasi at 0198806637 or Fairoz Khan at 0168367470 To all sabahan beauties …good luck ya! see ya on 16- March-2008 (Hopefully..)

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