Miss World Malaysia 2008 Finalist-Photos

So now what? Called up Miss World Malaysia 2008 PR Executive to get some information about the finalist for Miss World Malaysia 2008. 3 contestants will represent sabah for the Miss World Malaysia 2008, they are Ms. Devenna Jaikon, Ms. Joanne Kimberly Majalap and Ms. Rounnah beb.

My first questioned when i got the news was? Why Audrey Ambrose was not in the list? She got Number three for Miss World Sabah Malaysia 2008 Right? Huh, My favorite contestant didn’t make it? What is the reason? Huh.. :(….Why?. Since i don’t like to wonder i called up Ms. Audrey to get confirmation why and why? and at the same called Mr. Jason (PR Executive for Miss World Malaysia 2008) to get the details.

Well, As per my understanding, Jason told me the minimum age to enter for Miss World Malaysia 2008 is 18 at least by end of this december 2008. So again, my questioned was, How come Audrey Ambrose not in the list? her birthday is on november 2008, So by right she should be in the list? i really don’t why.. I think it would be more better if we can get 4 of them to be in the list right? What say you ?hmm..

Anyway, This year the theme is “Kill Beauty,Save the children” I don’t really get the whole meaning of this theme lols! sorry for my retard english and bad bad bad understanding to this language huhuh :(.

30 finalist will be in,However, they will need the malaysian to go to the website to vote out which contestant they don’t like so that they can be eliminated. Only 20 finalist will compete for the grand final which will be held on 25 of July 2009 which is fall on friday (How i wish it falls on…on….public holiday hehehe, so that i can fly to KL to take some photos!)

To all my lovely readers from sabah! the sabahan! orang kita! tokou! time to do some work…choose which contestants you want to vote out from the list! Can we have these 3 gurls to be on the list?

Oh ya, Anyone remember our 2007 undukngadau winner for Klang valley? Ms. Jaslinder kaur? She is in the list too! so check out the photos of the contestant below.



Miss World Malaysia 2008 Photos

Can you spot which one is our lovely sabahan contestant? ehhee.. now, what you need to do is to go to this website:

www.missworldmalaysia.com.my start voting out which contestant you don’t like! ok do read the instruction Okey. Thank you!

Below is the profile link of our 3 sabahan Contestant and X Unduk Ngadau From klang valley

Devenna Jaikob

Joanne Kimberly

Rounnah beb

Jaslinder Kaur

Photos Courtesy of: MissWorldMalaysia.com.my

Latest Update From Mr. Jason:

Basically, we offered the Sabah State Organising Committee a 2 + 1 entry into Miss World Malaysia. Meaning, only the Top 2 candidates autamitically qualify for the Miss World Malaysia pageant. Which means the winner and 2nd
place are the only ones who qualifies (Daveena & Joanne) automatically. The third entry (the + 1) from Sabah was based on votes / recommendation by the Sabah Organising Committee. So basically third place don’t qualify, only
the one recommended will seal the final spot to Miss World Malaysia (could be any of the remaining finalist in Miss Sabah).


  1. dengkos June 24, 2008

    i already killllll them.. hahaha

  2. benny June 24, 2008

    Dengkos: Which one u Killed hohoh i want to make a police report.

  3. Gabby June 24, 2008

    atukoi..bikin takut eh..main kill kill..

    I don’t quite understand…
    3 representatives from every state, izit?
    So lucky for them..
    previously, only the winner is going to compete for national level.
    sumting new. INTERESTING..^^

    So, we will only know the 20 finalists on the 25th July then?
    wah, in the meantime, what are they going to involve with? I mean their activites. Izit a selection truly based on vote?

    bah..saling berbunuhan lah nie di kalangan peserta. Honestly, if you don’t know her (the contestant) personality or talent, then it is quite a puzzle to “KILL” any of them. so I guess it is based on looks (mostly) and of course “kenegerian”.

    p/s: not saying anything to hurt any1 or party. Juz an opinion and some feedback from us –> viewers.. =D

  4. Man-D June 24, 2008

    Gabby, og coz judging by the looks lah unless you know them personally…so, yg bidah…pa bulih buat lah…kenegerian is of coz lah…who doesn’t support their own state? or country? mesti bangga mah klu orang sendiri menang…lol!

  5. Man-D June 24, 2008

    I kill a lot of the beauties so that I can save the childrens… 😉 Isn’t that what we supposed to do? LMAO

  6. Marie June 25, 2008

    Ya lor, ben… Why didn’t they choose Audrey? Seriously, I’m 100% sure she will excel in International level, not just national because she works so hard for everything. But oh well, different people have different point of views. Guess we just have to respect that, right? Maybe she’s destined to do something bigger & better than this. Hehehe. Who knows? Dree, don’t worry. U r still our No. 1!

  7. pinolobu June 25, 2008

    I am dreaming of the day a Sabahan being crowned Miss World or Miss Universe. Could it be this year???? If the Japanese can do it, why not us…

  8. pinolobu June 25, 2008

    The first Asians to win at the highest level:

    Akiko Kojima won Miss Universe in 1959
    Apasra Hongsakula (Thailand) won Miss Universe in 1965.
    Reita Faria (India) won Miss World 1966.

    Almost 50 years later, Riyo Mori again won it for Japan.

    Then there’s Kurara Chibana, 2nd at Miss Universe 2006 and Miyako Miyazaki, 5th at Miss Universe 2003.

    Details and pics:

  9. Marie June 25, 2008

    Go Sabahans!

  10. Gabby June 27, 2008

    Yupp..go Sabahan..^^
    based on Unduk Ngadau.com.

    Devenna is automatically qualify to final. means she doesn’t need to worry abt the ‘KILL’ thing right? correct me if i’m wrong..

    And Rounnah needs to pass the ‘KILL@ round 1st.
    How about Joanne Kimberley, what do mean she is ‘auto masuk’?

    kinda confuse here, so we need to help Rounnah only or both Joanne and Rounnah or 3 of them?

    Forgive my lack of understanding ya..
    *big smiles* =D

    p/s: hope for the best for our lovely Sabah State Representatives! Cheers

  11. benny June 27, 2008

    Gabby: Joanne will enter for the grand final without
    to go for the kill vote process.

    Only rounnah will have to…

  12. Gabby June 27, 2008

    OK..thanks ^^

  13. maclean June 27, 2008

    I think Sabah Organising Commitee are all blind people. Crap u guys!!!! Audrey is the one worth the better chance.Cheers Drey! your BIG BRO!

  14. NH July 1, 2008

    nice pic! 😛

  15. Marie July 2, 2008

    Yeap… can’t agree with u more Maclean! Audrey is without a shadow of doubt, far more talented & her ability to converse well in English than the rest. Dat’s why i guess she’s destined for something big. But why do they deny TALENT when they had seen ONE? Politic crap some more?

  16. A.A.F July 21, 2008

    I vote Joanne Kimberly!!!!
    Go go go Jo!

  17. Dominique Chiu July 22, 2008

    Ok, hot and spicy results as on July 22, 2008

    Bottom 10:
    Angeline Yap Lee Lee
    April Yong
    Chan Hean Ching
    Chantell Chuah
    Chow Xiang Yee
    Daphne Chua Ann Yean
    Germaine Ong Jiamin
    Santha ap Chandherasegaran
    Shereen Kaur
    Thanuja Ananthan

    Top 5, our potential Miss World Malaysia 2008
    Devenna Jaikob
    Heidi Raman
    Joanne Kimberly
    Lim Ai Ping
    Soo Wincci

  18. Anna July 22, 2008

    Hey Dom!How do you know who is in the bottom 10?

  19. dengkos July 25, 2008

    come on devenaaaaaaaaaa

  20. Tabazag August 22, 2008

    congratulations to joanne for being the top 10 of Miss Malaysia world 2008, though devenna didn’t get it, but both of them r winners too.

  21. suzieeeeeee June 22, 2009

    i vote 4 joanne

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