Sabah Man Hunk 2008 Photos

Now let me present you the Man hunk Contestant! before that..kekek i am terribly sorry because not all of the contestants photos posted here..cause i think i missed some.. i didn’t managed to get the shot..sorry guys….

anyway..just enjoy, i’ll be posting some bikini photos after this.

P/s You are free to use these Images, but hey hey hey Don’t ever think to remove the Watermark :) tq.


  1. chegu carol December 2, 2008

    hmmm…adakah bcos sa sdh kawin atau memang ni lelaki2 tida hensom and menarik minat hati sa ah? 😛

  2. Sharilyn Marcus December 2, 2008

    Only a few saja yg ok.. My nephew is 1 of them.. Keddy lah my nephew Benny
    Yang lain kan mcm lain saja eh… but the shots r really good…

  3. suzi December 3, 2008

    ben, masi ble ikut lagi kaini? bagus sa suruh bro sia p ikut…odoi dogo…yg satu contestant tu bah…mau kena strok oh sia…

  4. Bonnie December 3, 2008

    oOops..not so good, (not u Benny).. Just quite disappointing.. I know there are more very potential models out there, may be they dont know about this contest, too bad..

  5. diane December 3, 2008


  6. davidoff December 3, 2008

    bonnie, i think its not dat they dun know… but maybe they just not into it…heheh… if the pesaing2 yg tia umphhh2 pun tia best jgk kan… :p

  7. CinDutt December 3, 2008

    wakakaka… chegu….nasib juga la kita sdh kawin….at least ensem lagi hubby kita…

    pic no 4….dunno wat to say laaa…

  8. Calvin December 3, 2008

    Oh my god! Is that a model .. I am so much better than them .. cuma tidak tahu ada contest .. makin kuranglah model berkualiti lelaki di sabah ni .. padahal banyak yang talented di luar sana ..

  9. GG December 3, 2008

    Kanapa tu sumua ada lipgloss lipstick and eyebrow kena cat? Eeek semua nampak gay!!!

  10. george December 3, 2008

    great photos! benny, was wondering how you get a super sharp Photos? can you share? what type of lens and camera are you using? great pictures love all your shot!

  11. edu December 3, 2008

    ish…mcm lain2 ja…

  12. No Name December 3, 2008

    well, comment is very much welcome but I think you guys killing thier spirit on this competition. If nobody turn-up then who else and at least they have the gut to come up to the stage and do thier best rather than keep on commenting NEGATIVE things.

    If you were brave enough then why dont you guys sign-up and dont give an excuse that “I dont know this competition” as it was published in major news paper in Sabah… come on people…. this is your own people and your negatve comment will not give them any better … show a bit of support lah….

  13. vrosemarie December 4, 2008

    Maybe they look better in real life… A couple of them aren’t so bad, I guess.

  14. Jeffrey James December 4, 2008

    excuse me! There are la yang unqualified ones! But c’mon la,? Ask them to come la But i have to agree with you, the top 5 memang ketara already la!

  15. Ex-Model December 4, 2008

    Back to reality guys .. this is a democratic country and peoples are free to share their thought in various manners and platforms. People learnt from mistake. A good model should take any bad comment to improve themself. Why is it a big deal for no name. Spirit is one thing .. but ability to take people’s comment profesionally will take a particular model one step further. Do the basic by being a Malaysian a.k.a. Sabahan bah .. RESPECT people’s opinion. Then everything should be fine. Seriously, these models need to be groom before going on stage! Perhaps the organiser can do something about it for the next event in the future dan bukan main “tangkap masuk saja”! One more thing, once you are a model, people expect more from you .. jadi good or bad comment thats part of model life. Comments are important to groom a person to be a better model. Sweet layer of cake will kill your journey .. hehe ..

  16. December 4, 2008

    haizz.. it’s between JJ and Keddy la.. but who to choose ar?? haha 😉

  17. December 4, 2008

    oopss.. i just missed out someone.. hahah.. its between jj, keddy n fredrick.. haha.. and ben, c u when i come back.. it’s getting crazy here too.. the designers are awesome.. and the models are way better than this.. u shld have come wif me.. haha.. 😉 check out FB for the pics ya~ cheers!

  18. Jeffrey James December 4, 2008

    Dear “Ex-Model”,

    Yes, I do agree with you that comments should be taken into consideration as it will help them to improve. I also do agree with the fact that there are certain contestants that don’t qualify. But c’mon, if a comment from anyone were to be taken into consideration, the comment has to be presented in an unbiased way.

    These other people can point out the mistakes, but what’s with the “nasib juga la kita sdh kawin….at least ensem lagi hubby kita…”. Well, maybe the hubby is handsome, who knows, but present it with solid evidence.

    Then again, this is a blog, people can be immature, but I won’t take comments like that into consideration because they’re biased.

    P.s, Malaysia is not really a democratic country;) Trust me on that one. Please research what democracy really means before stating what democracy is, “Ex Model”.


  19. Jeffrey James December 4, 2008

    Picture 8, 10, 11 are good.

    Charles which is picture number 6 had his make up over done by his Make Up Artist who deserves to be shot. Frederick (Picture 7 & 12) looks better in person, I find him to be quite cute.

    The guys in Picture 1 and 2 did manage to get into the finals, I don’t know why, but no offese, there were better semi-finalists. The guy in picture 4 though didn’t have his best shot, but he’s a nice guy, he wished me good luck during that time.

    No Offense to pictures 1 and 2, cause you are nice people as well. But maybe the judges has different tastes.

    And with the competing against one another thing, I highly doubt that I can qualify as the winner, because I don’t have a body. I am flabby all over but I look good in clothes, my face isn’t model material but it’s good enough, I highly doubt that I would win, yet alone get into top 3. But I still hope to though, at least my KL trip is covered!

  20. No Name December 5, 2008

    well, i agree with Jeffrey James that different judge have their own preference but I dont agree when he clearly condemn the contestant No. 1 as I guess he is look far much better in person. I have work with him several time in Kuala Lumpur and he is nice person.

    Remember, model is not all about look but your personality and stage presentation..

    To all the finalist, Good Luck and have fun…

  21. suzsan December 5, 2008

    suma tida menarik. si kd juga yg ensem bah. tapi good luck to all finalists aaaa..

  22. Jerz December 6, 2008


    Maybe Sabah people need to chill out more. Dari mengutuk its better for u guys to strut your stuff on the cakewalk. Dont just talk…kio

  23. GGGGGGGG December 7, 2008

    WaTeVeR PuN nO COmMEnT LaH.. nObOdY iS pErFeCt aCtUaLLy..nEwaY ALl D bEsT To aLl oF thE fInAlISt.!! +_+ GwW

  24. carlvera December 10, 2008

    this contest should be call man-honky-hunk!

  25. whistle jojo January 4, 2009

    HAHHAHAHA!! Some funny lah!

  26. dengkos January 13, 2009

    hahahaa… ada juga gym-goers pi join wor.. gewd2..
    tapi ya ongloh.. ini ka yang dikatakan hunky-hunky doo man.. odoi..
    wheres the real macho dude… the real hunk… eyyyy-yayyyy

  27. brother August 22, 2009

    guyz n girlzz, selection man hunk 2009 bila arrr

  28. sweet apple September 4, 2009

    LOL!!! hahahha….. not bad also wat… yang penting dorg berani n just do it…………. salute to them : )

  29. robert October 21, 2009

    i want to join this contest but dun nuw how , where, went…… some body tell me plssssss

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