Sabah SuperModel Bikini Photos

before you guys ask me with tons of question in my email and the comment area….let me tell u guys that i didn’t  managed to get all 30 contestant (guy and girl) to pose for my camera. The session was too short to get their photo 1 by 1.

some people will ask and email, me y very selective when posting photos… hehehe no no don’t misunderstand me ya guys..i wud be more than happy to post all the ladies here with their bikinis and the Man with the sansut :P heheh but…the fact is..i didn’t have enough time to call them one by one… beside yesterday the rain was so heavy and i have to like… go in and out from the restaurant to get the shot lols

they might be a one to one session will be organize later…but that one is not confirm yet…for now these are the contestants photo that i have in hand wokey. :)

P/s: All picture are unedited. dun complain thanks :)


on “Sabah SuperModel Bikini Photos
8 Comments on “Sabah SuperModel Bikini Photos
  1. great photos! benny, was wondering how you get a super sharp Photos? can you share? what type of lens and camera are you using? great pictures love all your shot!

  2. Nice pixs ben..Ladies…woah,can’t be denies..semua HOT..but the men….alamak…susa mo ckp..ekekeke..neway ko pun On FIRE kali time shooting ni kan..wakakakaka..;p

  3. boonie, thanks,

    elna: me not on fire ba ujan tu time lols. if me on fire abisla. but then when taking pictures kan lupa ody that they are wearing sexy bikini, sa rasa sa more concentrate on thier expression and the pose hohohoho lols

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