Leonie Lawrence – Unduk Ngadau 2008 Winner – Photos

As one the state level Unduk ngadau winner she have the privilege to be photographed by me and for free 😛 because i’m the owner of Undukngadau.com (showcasing sabahan beauties) . So Leonie one lucky girl 😛 heheh…Working with this pretty girls just can’t make me stop clicking…! thank you very much leonie :)!

thanks to Martin buguk, for the wonderful Make up, should i intro who is martin buguk? i guess no need right :P. anyway for those who wanted to get married or wanted to have a touch of talented make up artiste you can give him a call straight  to this number (0128202006).

Hey ya, Just enjoy all the pictures ya!







  1. chegu carol April 17, 2009

    *tapuk tangan*

    cantik oh ben!
    as usual, as always.

  2. jackel April 17, 2009

    as one of your great fan, i seriously think your picture quality really really great! sharpness excellent, color and white balance are all excellent. Loving all the shots! mau gila sia tgk your pic!

  3. Nadia April 17, 2009

    nice.. good job :) agree wif chegu Carol

  4. gidong April 19, 2009

    Mantapssss tapi napa tak ajak hehehe

  5. Na-O April 20, 2009

    Ben: From which district dis girl ody? Cantik lips dia.. adih… hehe. Bah limads ppl ada photoshoot lagi kah??? hehehe… how bout we guys go futsal ben, on weekend? as our gath activity… *wink wink*

  6. ElainE April 20, 2009

    Nice pictures ben! I suddenly feel old looking at my niece so grown up and having pictures like these taken. wakakakakakakak nice pics once again!

  7. skye April 22, 2009

    waa…..2 thumbs up 4 u…….so cool

  8. Angie May 16, 2009

    Hi Benny, she looks like a doll…

  9. _______jex July 5, 2009

    uish nih barula sumandak.. sabahan jua ba.. geramnya tgk lips dia haha~

  10. Julia Poyong July 6, 2009

    Hai,saya baru umur 10 tahun.Mummy saya sudah menjadi johan unduk ngadau pada tahun 1987.Kalau tidak ingat nama mummy saya,ini namanya-Joan Gloria Tommy

  11. Alice May 22, 2011

    Dear Benny,
    Grateful if u can help me. I knw u know Mr. Martin Buguk, can I have his contact? h/p no.
    I like ur pics too u r very talented.

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