Papar Unduk Ngadau Winner 2009 Photos

kotobian tadau tagazo do kaamatan! Pheww, as we all know  first kaamatan celebration was launched at Papar district and next year will be Keningau district. It was my pleasure to be part of the big event, though i didn’t see the huguan siou and the Cm itself. well nevermind , may i came late (1.30pm) and they went home earlier right? nevermind.

Let me just give you guys a short information about the unduk ngadau papar 2009 event. There is a total of 22 contestants  joined in the battle and only 10 made to the final. congratulations to all! however out of 10 only 7 selected to win cash and title. I won’t be giving away so much details  in this blog, because you can have it by visiting the official website, at (not the state official, but my personal official site featuring all unduk ngadau from all districts)

Congratulation to Miss Appey Rowena for winning the unduk ngadau papar 2009, she was a former Miss sabah 2009 contestant and won 4th place.



Tati, Appey Rowena,  Pemenang Unduk Ngadau papar 2009


Tati Petronella cherry bernard, Former Papar unduk ngadau Winner of 2008, and State level Unduk ngadau 2008 (3rd Place)

For more photos ( top 10 photos) please visit the Unduk Ngadau 2009 Website at


  1. Bella1213 May 3, 2009

    She’s really pretty.. of coz with proper make up..she’ll look even stunning!
    confirm top 15 ^^ No doubt. (heheh my opinion bah)

  2. rocky May 9, 2009

    wow..Rowena U drive me crazy..we will suppot you..

  3. sHeiLa May 30, 2009

    she’s her smile

  4. n'g June 2, 2009

    chayo…chayo…eppie…..u so gorgeous

  5. julie June 4, 2009 gorgeous…

  6. den aden widjaya March 30, 2010


  7. pHAT March 30, 2010

    Wowww so beautiful 1-3 plce…muaaah

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