Wedding Videography- By Benny Liew Studio

Hey guys! We are now accepting Videography works for wedding , Love Story and Behind The Scene MTV. We are new :)!  These two young and talented videographer, Head by Kenny Ng &  his associate videographer Amir, will be part of your big day  and they will definitely rawk your wedding too! :P

Check out their video below! Look, We are now under promotion! grab the offer while it last!

PPS: Hey before i forget, Our Video Shoot with 2 DSLR ( 7d & 5d mkII) paired with some of the top notch lens (L series),  Glide cam, Our 8feet Mini crane, Fly Cam and some others delicious equipment we had already invested to make your video look nice and modern! ( Not the classic one :P)

PPPS: These two guys? They are not the boring type! they smile and laugh alot, and crazy too! :P

PPPPS: Do i shoot video now? At the moment NO! :), but you can consider i am their assistant to pack, carry bag, setup their tripod and all! :P but not doing any video shoot! because we believe in concentration! Photographer stay as photographer, Videographer stay as videographer :)

Justin and Norin: NDE from Benny Liew Studio on Vimeo.

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on “Wedding Videography- By Benny Liew Studio
One Comment on “Wedding Videography- By Benny Liew Studio
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