About Me 2

Graduated with an honor Degree of Multimedia Technology was a lecturer at Multimedia College specializing in Computer Science in the year 2005, while being a lecturer he found a new passion that is photography. Quitted his daytime job in November 2008 to pursue his wildest dream in photography and so he was in for a penny, in for a.

He knows this is what he loves doing and doing it pound best.

Based in Sabah, Malaysia also known as “Land Below The Wind” with  signatures of sunset to die for, beautiful islands, mountainous countryside and rich with multi ethnic languages & cultures from different parts of Sabah unique to all that “Land Below The Wind” are known for their humble hospitality and natural wonders perfect for destination pre wedding photography session.

As a self-taught Photographer, he follows his heart, instinct and believes his eyes. Make use his creativity and god given talent. He breaks the rules most of the time to fulfill his visual requirement in photography.

With an exquisite taste for setting a certain mood for lovers, when he shoots it is by all means to give them what they want, giving them at his level best and a little more- Also known to some, as a guy with impromptu ideas. He excels in his quest of finding the most special moment for each couple. When a man with a reason captures that simple moment, he does not only captures a picture with people in it, he creates a memory that last a life time.


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