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Wedding Day preparation Check List

Wow as if am going to get married soon right? lalala..who knows…ekkeke and who will be the lucky girls or womens or ladies or…aunties? lols haha nah just kidding k baby am kidding no hard feelings ya..Anyway what are the most important things you should don before your actual wedding day? Well i said it’s the Wedding day preparation Check List true or not? agree with me? tell me what do you think about it.

before i go further with the topic, i have one question, how many of you who already married or planning to get married prepare your wedding day preparation Check list or a wedding day to do list to avoid any mistakes or problem during the wedding day? How many of you raise your hand please…. ok ok wait ya…let me count, 1,2,3,4, wah only 4 out of 100 people reading this blog right now? what happen? don’t worry let me and us together list down what are the most important and crucial things you need to do or prepare for your wedding day. Look am not going to be a champion here i rather ask my readers to give me the input (about what are the important things you need to have during your wedding day)

So before anything happen i list what are the main things that is very important from my point of view ok? so if i missed something please add it in the comment section ok? and i am handsomely sure i’ll missed alot because i knew a very little things about this subject :P.

1) Photographer

2) Videographer

3) Invitation lists

4) wedding gown

5) make up artiste

6) flower bouquet

7) Angpau you expect (hahaha can ah?)

Hmm i can only remember 7 things what about you guys would you like to add more? lols am abit biased over here when i listed photographer as a first thing you need to have because i am a photographer lols ahhaha so for sure i need you to hire me as your photographer haahah.

But hey, on a serious note, i need your input on what are the list that is crucial for your wedding prepartion check list ok.. hope to get more people to give their thoughs,views and ideas over this topic thank you people! you guys rock!